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Updates on Sexual Harassment

Updates on Sexual Harassment - Archives


This section contains brief updates of recent sexual harassment complaints, suits, settlements, awards, surveys and studies. The information is gathered from many places and is intended to give an overview of the most current events. It is not meant to provide an exhaustive list of all the news.

  • Employee Rights Specified: In a recent decision the National Labor Relations Board held that an employee in a nonunionized workplace has the right to have a co-worker present at an investigatory interview that the employee reasonably believes might result in disciplinary action. The case was Epilepsy Foundation of Northeast Ohio. 12/08/00

  • Company Refusal to Provide Toilet Is Not Sexual Harassment: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit held that an electric utility's refusal to provide toilet facilities for a female lineman was not hostile environment sexual harassment. The court said the woman may have a "perfectly good claim of sex discrimination," but that the facts suggest a "classic disparate impact claim" rather than a hostile environment sexual harassment claim. Full story in the November Webb Report. 11/29/00

  • Fired Fire Captain Asks for Reinstatement: A Baltimore County fire captain who was fired in January after officials ruled that he sexually harassed female firefighters asked a Circuit Court judge to reinstate him to his job. He argued that his firing as well as the hearing that preceded it were unfair. The man's attorney told the judge "this was not a hearing; it was a charade. It was so lopsided, so one-sided, so absent of any fundamental fairness that we had no chance of winning." 11/20/00

  • $1.25 Million for Retaliation: A federal jury in Manhattan awarded $1.25 million to a former Bronx police officer who had accused the department of retaliation when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor. In her suit, the female officer accused a wide range of police supervisors of trying to punish her for filing a sexual harassment complaint against a lieutenant who supervised her in 1994. She finally resigned from the department in 1996. 11/15/00

  • EEOC Policy Guidance on Adverse Action: According to EEOC, adverse actions "include threats, reprimands, negative evaluations, harassment, or other adverse treatment." Adverse actions do not need to qualify as "ultimate employment actions" or materially affect the terms or conditions of employment to constitute retaliation, EEOC explains. 11/06/00

  • Monitors say Mitsubishi in Compliance: According to EEOC, monitors watching over efforts of Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America, Inc. to combat sexual harassment and to obey the Consent Decree which resolved the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) landmark lawsuit against the company, reported to the Federal District Court in Peoria, Illinois, that: "Mitsubishi is in compliance with the Decree, has sexual harassment in the plant firmly under control, and has made commendable progress in improving its systems for preventing such behavior and dealing with it appropriately when it occurs." 11/01/00

  • Ex-Landlord to Pay Women $150,000 for Harassment: According to the Justice Department, a former McKinney, Texas apartment complex manager who was accused of sexually harassing female tenants and evicting those who resisted his advances will pay $150,000 to 17 women. McKinney is approximately fifty miles north of Dallas According to the agreement reached, the manager of the complex will also stay out of the property management business for four years. 10/30/00

  • Dow Chemical Fires 24 for Improper Use of E-mail: Down Chemical fired 24 of its employees for improperly using the firm's e-mail. The company insisted that they acted appropriately to maintain a harassment-free workplace. Dow also reprimanded 235 other workers after an investigation showed misuse of the e-mail system. 10/23/00

  • Superintendent Accused of Harassment: The West Seneca, New York school superintendent has reportedly been forced to resign after an investigation into complaints by female teachers. A teachers union official said the superintendent had also been warned three years ago that he was "flirting with sexual harassment" after a similar investigation. The NYSUT official who oversaw the first investigation, said the 1997 inquiry found "no flagrant sexual harassment" or illegal actions but concluded that the superintendent's behavior was troubling. 10/10/00

  • Resignation Sought After State Representative Found Guilty of Harassment: Iowa State Rep. Michael Cataldo was found guilty in late August of making sexually harassing phone calls to women on his cellular phone. The ruling came from Warren County District Judge Joseph Smith, who presided over Cataldo's bench trial in July. Cataldo, a Democrat serving his fourth term, was accused of making early morning phone calls to four women between late November 1999 and mid-January. House Democratic Leader David Schrader immediately called for Cataldo to resign. "I called Mike within an hour of the verdict. I asked Mike to remove his name from the ballot. He said he would consider it," Schrader said. 10/6/00

  • Another Tailhook Scandal Brewing: The Tailhook Association of naval aviators is facing a new allegation of "inappropriate conduct" by service members attending a Tailhook convention in Nevada in late August. The newest complaint comes just after the Navy had restored ties to the association. While this latest incident appear much less sensational that the 1991 sex scandal, which shook the Navy at its highest levels, these allegations have triggered an investigation by the Navy's inspector general, according to Navy officials. 10/3/00

    The information above is excerpted or summarized from numerous sources not written or originally researched by Pacific Resource. We cannot guarantee the acccurateness of the information.

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